Teaching English in Indonesia

English Language Teaching in Indonesia

English language teaching that promises something for everyone
If variety is the spice of life, than Indonesia has it all. Indonesia is alive with spirit and beauty – where else will you find such a blend of cultures and religions living with such zeal? From the buzz of Jakarta’s melting-pot of all indigenous cultures to the pristine rainforests of Sumatra, English language teaching in Indonesia truly has something for everyone.
Combine English language teaching and traveling
A series of 18,000 islands between the Asian and Australian continent, Indonesia is a country to be discovered. EF English First has over 65 English language teaching schools throughout Indonesia, making it the largest English language provider in the country. Teaching English with EF will enable you to live near the rice paddies of Surabaya by week, experience the beaches of Bali on the weekend, and explore the volcanoes of Mt. Bromo over the national holiday. An adventure awaits you in teaching English in Indonesia.
Teaching English to warm, friendly people
Making friends and getting to know people is a snap in Indonesia. Teaching English in Indonesia is a great way to meet fascinating new people who you never would have met if you played it safe and stayed at home. Here, you will be greeted with warmth and a smile. You will find people approachable and welcoming, and before you know it, you will be invited into people’s lives and homes. If what interests you about Indonesia is the spirit of the people, then you will not be disappointed; English language teaching in Indonesia is the job to choose
Despite continued teething problems as Indonesia moves to a democracy, it remains a popular destination for both experienced and newly qualified English language teachers. Why? Could be something to do with an excellent climate, tasty cuisine and warm, friendly locals who have a genuine curiosity about foreigners.
English language teachers living and working in Indonesia have an excellent lifestyle. All reputable employers will offer shared housing with 3-4 other teachers. The teachers live in middle class neighborhoods and tend to have a maid for cooking, cleaning and washing clothes. It takes a little bit of adjustment to having a live-in maid—one has to remember it’s a cultural norm, it provides vital income to Indonesia’s rural community and despite the costs of paying a wage, having a maid makes it cheaper to buy groceries.
Bartering is the norm in Indonesia—a commodity is generally worth whatever the retailer can get for it. Of course supermarkets will have a “harga pas” (fixed price), but it means they are more expensive. As an Indonesian (and usually indigenous to that particular island), your maid will have excellent bartering skills—and more importantly she’ll also have the time to shop around.
When making your own purchases, a sense of humor and a little bit of Javanese (if on Java), can go along way to driving that price down. Anecdotally, I discovered there seemed to be 3 price brackets on Java – 1 for Javanese, 1 for “bule” (white people) and 1 for Chinese Indonesians. In colonial days the Dutch brought Chinese people over to help with administration, consequently many 4th-5th generation Chinese Indonesians hold a lot of economic power which causes some resentment.
Pretty much everywhere, with a large concentration on Java – more than half of Indonesia’s 200 million people live on Java and it’s where all the decent Universities are. Getting a position on Bali is never easy and preference is usually given to people in country, especially those who have a proven track record teaching in Indonesia. I spent 7 years on Java with EF English First, which is the largest chain of language schools in Indonesia and therefore the largest employer. They operate on all the major islands but have the most vacancies on Java and Sumatra. Being so large they have the advantage of career development, such as rising to the position of Director of Studies and beyond.


Argumentative Essay

Television Programs should be Filtered

            Television is one of the famous media. However, in global era nowadays it is used to show the bad or negative things for the society especially for the students and the children. Almost all the television programs provide the unimportant things. The government should make a regulation about the television programs. There are many impolite action, the bad example, bad action, etc. Many students waste their time, and they copy the bad thing that they get from watching television. Besides that, it gives the bad impact for the behavior of the children. Television programs should be filtered because it does not educate the children, it is not creative, it makes the children forget their time.

            The first reason why the television programs should be filtered is because it does not educate the children. Many programs such as gossip programs, short movies that have many teenagers love scenes, violence, etc. If the TV programmers do not filter the gossip programs, it will give a bed impact. For example when they watch the gossip programs, they will look for the information that has relation with that gossip. As a result, they will get together to talk about that information. In short movies nowadays, so many TV programs show the love scenes. For example in the cartoon short movies, there are so many love scenes even the kiss scene. It will influential on the children’s behavior. The fact is children in elementary school so sensitive although when they see a friendship. In general, children copy and respect something easily. There are so many violence in the movie especially action movies. Right now so many TV programs that does not educate the children.      

Moreover, it should be filtered because it is not creative. There are many TV programs in our country are copied from the other countries. There are many TV channels, but it does not provide the various programs. The differences are from the name but basically it is the same program. Although it displays in different concept, there is no interesting things on that programs. The programs are static and do not have a good quality. The TV programs should be filter because it is not creative. 

            Furthermore, TV programs make the children forget their time. When the children watch on TV, they will focus to the programs. They will forget their rest time. They will get the diseases easily because they are still susceptible to illness. They will forget their eating time even their time for taking a bath. They will waste their time to watch TV. As a result, they cannot enjoy their childhood when they have a time to play with their friends, to walk around and face the real life, to get together with the family, to get a good relation with the other people, etc. It is clear that the TV programs make the children forget their time.

            In conclusion, there are many impolite action, the bad example, bad action, etc on TV programs. TV programs should e filtered. There are 3 important points and reasons. First, right now so many TV programs that does not educate the children. Besides that, the TV programs should be filter because it is not creative.  Furthermore, TV programs make the children forget their time. It is clear that TV programs should be filtered.


children watch TV

Daily conversation



The Example of daily conversation :

Desi     : Excuse me. Good Morning?

Ghina  : Morning!

Desi     : How are you?

Ghina  : I am fine. How about you?

Mutma: I am very well, thank you! I am Mutma and she is my friend Desi. May we know your  name?

Andini: Yes of course. I am Andini and she is my friend Ghina. May I know where do you come from Miss?

Mutma: Yes, we come from Singapore and we want to waste our holiday in Indonesia especially in Yogyakarta.

Ghina  : Oh great! How are your traveling to Indonesia?

Desi     : Wonderful, and there are not any problem. We fly to Yogyakarta and then we choose Yogyakarta for stay as long our holiday.

Andini: Wow, why do you choose Yogyakarta?

Desi     : Actually, We will go to Buton South East Sulawesi but any contideration, the result is Yogyakarta. We hear that Yogyakarta is very interesting and cultural city. So, why not We stay here.?

Andini: Hmm. Excelent! You know about Yogyakarta. By the way, are you a student?

Mutma  : Yes, we are student in Private University in Singapore and now we have a break for one week after the mid examination. How about YouMiss Andini and Miss Ghina?

Andini  : Great! We are the students in English Education Departement in Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University one of the famous university in Indonesia.

Desi     : Waw, You are so lucky! Umm, You want it?(ineffective some cake)

Ghina  : Oh. . I am sorry, We are fasting because it is Ramadhan month.

Desi     : Sorry, what wrong? What do you mean about fasting? And what is Ramadhan month ?

Ghina    : Right, for the moslem there is one month that have a differencies than all and we call it Ramadhan month. Ramadhan month is the month when we should fasting and doall over a good deeds as our obligation as the moeslim. It is like a special or gold month for us.

Mutma: How long we should have a fasting ?

Andini: Around 14 hours, we should have a fasting. Start pre down meal but we usually call it as sahur and we stop it as like the schedule that we can get from the campus,, mosque in the road or we can get it in internet.

Mutma: That is great you can fasting for 14 hours. How can the moeslem do that?

Ghina  : Actually, it is about the moslem obligation. It is already written in the Al-Quran or the moslem’s holy book. Our God Allah SWT already given the moeslim a great life. So we need to feel like the poor people just for one month. It is make the moeslem learn more about how should we express our gratitude for all over thing that we have.



Mutma: Is there any exception ?

Ghina  : Yes of course, there are some of exception like for the pregnant woman, the painful people, have menstruation, traveler, the crazy people, etc.

Desi     : What are people doing when they waiting for the break fasting time ?

Andini: There are many ways to wait the break fasting time. There are look around the city, visit the public place, meet the friends, do the favorite activities, looking for the break fasting meal, etc. During that time, people call it ngabuburit.

Mutma: How about the break fasting meal ?

Ghina  : It is so various. The most important is the meal should be sweet and nice. Many kind of meal like kolak, date palm, fruit soup, fruit, etc.

Desi     : Hmm, amazing! May you tell me about how are the students classes. It’s same like a normal day?

Andini: No, it does not. Actually it is depend on the degree of the education. Elementary school start at 07.30-12.00, Junior High School, at 07.30, Senior high school at 07.30-13.30, but for the University depend on the rules of each university but in general the class is like a normal days.

Mutma: How is the school regulation about canteen ? is it close in Ramadan ?

Ghina  : It is depend on the school but in general it is open because in a school not over all moslem except the school that special for the moslem like muhammadiyah, etc.

Desi     : Right, is it dangerous for the people healthy ?

Andini: No, it is not. Fasting is very important for the human healthy. It is can decrease some of desease. For example suffer a stomach disorder and diabetes. There are make the flank have a rest and work not too hard and for diabetes it can decrease the glucose in the human body because they do not consume any carbohydrate.

Mutma: I see. How about the response for the non-moslem society ?

Ghina  : Gratitude to Allah that the society in Indonesia is so respect to the moslem. Even in Ramadan month, the society do not eat or drink in front of the moslem.

Desi     : Great ! Thank you very much for your information !

Andini: You are welcome ! Thank you for your enthusiastic want to now more about Ramadan month !

Mutma: Yes, great we can meet with you and want to split up the knowledge. I hope you will visit Singapore later !

Ghina  : We too. Nice to meet you !

Mutma: Nice to meet you, too !

Andini: See you later ! Bye-bye !

M & D: Bye !  



Cinta tak kan Salah

        Cinta Tak Akan Pernah Salah

      Alunan ayat suci Al-Quran terdengar sayup-sayup di telingaku. Cahaya matahari seakan membias menuju kamarku. Sinarnya menerobos masuk tanpa permisi melalui jendela yang sengaja di buka lebar-lebar. Di dalam kamar, aku sibuk membungkus sebuah kado untuk lutfi sebagai kenang-kenangan dari desaku. Sore ini Lutfi akan kembali ke kota. Ada sedih yang menyelinap di hatiku, tapi aku tak dapat berbuat apa-apa. Di ruang tamu, Alif dan Dinda sudah menungguku. Aku mengejapkan mata beberapa kali karena kaget dengan teguran Dinda. Setelah bebrapa jam, akhirnya aku bertemu dengan Lutfi yang mnyambutku dengan senyuman manis di bibirnya. Aku hanya dapat menahan pedih di hati sambil memberikan kado sebagai kenang-kenangan dariku.

      Denting suara hati semakin menggila, aku tak tahu dengan tepat apa yang kuasakan saat ini. Yang jelas hatiku terasa teriris karena sebentar lagi aku akan berpisah dengan sosok teman yang begitu spesial dan sudah mengisi hari-hariku selama 12 tahun. Aku nyaris saja meneteskan air mata di hadapannya. Benar-benar sakit menahan semua perasaan itu di dalam dada, tapi aku tak mampu untuk mengungkapkannya. Sejenak kami kembali bercanda ria sambil menikmati segelas teh hangat yang sudah disediakan oleh orang tua lutfi. Aku tersenyum, tapi kenapa semakin tersenyum semakin sakit kurasa. Akhirnya tiba saatnya Lutfi pergi.

      Sebelum masuk ke dalam mobil, lutfi menyempatkan diri untuk memelukku. Rasanya tak ingin tubuh ini lepas dari pelukannya. Akhirya air matakupun jatuh membasahi pipiku. Lutfi cuma tersenyum dan berkata bahwa dia hanya pergi untuk sementara. Dia juga menitip pesan agar aku dapat menjaga diri dan juga kesehatanku. Dia berjanji akan sering-seing menghubungiku lewat telepon. Sedikit lega mendengar kata-kata itu. Lambaian tanganku mengiringi kepergiannya.

      Hari-hari setelah kepergiannya, hariku berasa mendung setiap hari. Langit yang cerah di pagi indah tak dapat mnyembunyikan kesedihan yang ku rasa. Lambat laun, aku mulai terbiasa dengan keadaaan ini. Setiap hari aku berharap Lutfi tahu apa yang aku rasakan. Lebih-lebih aku berharap dia merasakan apa yang aku rasakan. Setelah 12 tahun mengenalnya, tak pernah ia menabur luka di hatiku. Hanyalah canda tawa dan kebahagiaan yang ia berikan kepadaku. Saat ini yang bisa aku lakukan hanyalah terus berdoa.

     Aku sudah mengukir namanya bersebelahan dengan namaku. namun apa daya, dia hadir di saat aku benar-benar telah kehilanganmu. cinta yang aku tunggu sekian lama bersua dengannya membuatku tertawa bahagia. berada di dekatnya membuat aku merasakan atmosfer yang luar biasa indahnya. Adakah dia yang menjadi labuhan hatiku ? Sementara di sini. . .  Di balik hati yang lainnya, namamu masih terpatri dengan jelas. Cinta. . tak pernah mau tahu kepada siapa ia berlabuh. Entah kepada aku, kau, ataupun dia. yang aku tahu, aku adalah tulang rusuk dari salah satu adam yang Tuhan tunjuk untuk saling berbagi. Aku percaya, akan ada seseorang yang tepat yang dapat mendampingiku. Karena memang cinta tak kan pernah salah.



Citation and References


Alan Clarke (2004, p. 1) state in e-Learning Skill that e-Learning is the term to covering some of approximation in information and communication technologies.

Then he continue his statement (2004, p. 6) that e-Learning is a new development and it’s has characteristics. The characterictics are : improve the confidence in casual setting, a good attitude to study, self-aware, doing the good soft skills, easy to adapt the situation.

“ how technology could be used to complement and enhance the nine categories of teaching strategies. The authors group technology into five genres – word processing applications, organizing and brainstorming software, multimedia, data collection tools,and Web resources – and provide examples of how these various types of technology supported the nine categories of strategies.” (Howard Pitler, 2007, p. 11)

“Communication software, such as blogs, wikis, e-mail, instant messaging (IM), and video conferencing, can provide timely, interactive, and criterion-based feedback to students. Each of these types of software has distinct classroom application. there’s email, which provides a written record of two way communication that is easy to archive. Finally, while video conferencing has been used mostly for distance learning and teacher professional development, its use in K-12 education is growing. Because video conferences allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously, they serve to connect rural communities, distant classrooms, and experts with learning sources and classes from around the world. (Howard Pitler E. R., 2007, p. 53)




Clarke, A. (2004). e-Learning Skills. New York: Palggrave Macmillan Ltd.

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Howard Pitler, E. R. (2007). Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works. Denver: Mid-continent REsearch for Education and Learning.


the axample of citation


Aku Bisa

Aku Bisa

     Malam yang dingin kurasakan di Maret indah 2014. Entah apa yang ada di dalam benakku tentang rencana senior-seniorku untuk mendaki gunung merbabu menarik perhatianku. Kak Ardi yang saat itu datang ke kontrakanku untuk menengok aku dan teman-temanku sedikit berbagi cerita mengenai rencana mereka mendaki gunung. Hal pertama yang kulakukan pada saat mendengar rencana itu adalah merengek seperti anak kecil yang minta permen pada ibunya. Aku terus saja memintanya agar mengizinkanku ikut bersama mereka. Tapi usahaku bisa dikatakan sia-sia karena respon dari kak Ardi tidak meyakinkan aku bisa ikut bersama mereka.

     Setelah lama beradu komentar tentang keinginanku ikut mendaki, akhirnya kak Ardi mengatakan bahwa aku hanya butuh 3 yes lagi dari senior lainnya. Sempat ku berpikir bahwa aku seperti ikut audisi indonesian idol yang membutuhkan yes dari Anang, Ahmad Dhani, dan juga Titi DJ. Aku tetap tidak patah semangat, aku langsung menghubungi kak Iwan salah satu seniorku melalui wechat. Awalnya aku berbasa-basi agar kesannya lebih enak menurutku daripada harus to the point. Ahirya aku menyampaikan niat serta keinginanku untuk ikut tapi tanggapannyapun membuatku sempat down. Kak Iwan malah bilang kalau medannya berbahaya an aku adalah seorang wanita. Hmmm, lagi lagi alasan itu pemirsah.

     Kejadian itu membuatku langsung menghapus akun wechat karena sedikit kesal dan sakit hati dengan jawaban mereka semua. Pada akhirnya mereka datang kembali untuk sekedar menengok keadaanku dan teman-temanku. Kembali kami membahas tentang rencana mendaki gunung, dan hasilnya kami kembali berdebat kecil karena keinginanku yang terlalu besar ingin ikut bersama mereka. Kembali muncul persoalan baru yaitu tak ada satu anitapun yang akan ikut bersama mereka tapi eap saja I don’t care. Finally, merkapun mau mengizinkanku ikut bersama mereka asalkan orangtuaku mengizinkan aku mendaki gunung merbabu. Akupun menyetujui persyaratan tersebut dan mempersiapkan strategi agar mendapatkan izin dai orang tua.

     Esok harinya, aku langsung menelepon mama untuk minta izin. Sudah bisa kutebak sebenarnya jawaban mama, so pasti NO. Tapi aku terus saja mengomel dan mengungkapkan janji-janji pada mama. Mungkin sekitar sejam, mamapun cuma bisa bilang YES tapi dengan seizin bapak. Tak terlalu sulit menurutku untuk meminta izin sama bapak karena basically dari zaman doloe kala hampir gak pernah bapak gak mengizinkan aku mengikuti kegiatan yang aku mau apalagi he knows that it is on of  my dreams men hahahaha.

     Pembicaraan bersama bapak melalui via telepon sangat banyak pertanyaan yang diajukan kepadaku, dari masalah siapa saja yang akan ikut, perlengkapan, waktunya, and so on. Finally, I get it. Aku mendapatkan izin dari kedua malaikatku, rasanya seperti ada boom yang meledak didalam dada (lebay). Persiapanpun sudah aku persiapkan seminggu sebelum mendaki gunung. Mulai dari olahraga tiap hari, jogging, makan teratur, dan semua yang seharusnya dilakukan sebelum mendaki gunung.

     Harinyapun tiba 5 April 2014, hari masih sangat pagi tapi para seniorku sudah mulai mengecek persiapanku. Sebelum berangkat kami sejenak mampir hanya sekedar mengucapkan selamat atas wisuda kak Mudi salah seorang senior dari Buton. Setelah setengah jam berada disana, kami langsung bergegas packing and siap buat pergi. Setelah sampai di D11, kami langsung menyiapkan semua yang kami butuhkan dan kamipun berangkat menggunakan motor.

     Selama perjalanan, ada saja halangan yang kami dapatkan. Akhirnya kami sampai di beskem sekitar jam 7 malam dan menyimpan motor disana. Kami beristirahat sejenak dan makan malam bersama. Setelah makan kami kembali mengecek perlengkapan. Setelah itu kami berdoa dan mengabadikan foto kami bersama. Sekitar jam 11 malam kamipun memulai perjalanan.

     Awal mendaki sekitar 1 jam pertama, rasanya aku tak sanggup lagi untuk melanjutkan. Rasanya jantung mau berhenti dan kaki keram, tapi berkat semangat dari kakak-kakak senior aku mampu untuk melewati jam-jam berikutnya. Baru sekitar 2 jam mendaki salah seorang senior langsung mengambil tas tang kubawa. Aku mendaki tanpa memegang apa-apa. Kondisi itu membuatku semakin semangat untuk terus lanjut hingga puncak tertinggi merbabu. Hingga pada pukul setengah 4 pagi, kami memutuskan untuk berhenti di batu tulis dan membuat tenda di sana. Akibat capek dan kedinginan kami beristirahat di batu tulis sampai pagi. Rencana kami untuk melihat matahari terbit hilang sudah tapi it’s ok kami tetap menikmati. 

    Segarnya pagi di bukit membuatku semangat untuk melanjutkan kembali perjalanan menuju puncak merbabu. Aku sempatkan untuk berfoto di kawasan batu tulis dan ada beberapa pendaki lainnya yang mengabadikan suasana saat itu. Kabut tak henti-hentinya menyelimuti puncak. Setelah puas berfoto, senior memanggilku untuk makan bersama. Sungguh nikmat bisa menikmati keindahan alam yang Maha Kuasa ciptakan, makanan sederhana berasa makanan dari restoran mewah. Kami benar-benar sangat menikmati makanan kami disertai canda gurau. Suasana semakin hangat.

     Makanan sudah habis dan kami melanjutkan perjalanan, salah satu dari kami yaitu kak Daru tidak mau lagi melanjutkan perjalanan karena merasa kurang sehat. Kamipun melanjutkan perjalanan kami tanpa kak Daru. Kondisi medan yang berat ditambah lagi hujan membuat kami agak sulit untuk bisa cepat mencapai puncak. Kami banyak beristirahat dan lebih lambat karena kondisi medan yang sangat licin. Setelah berjam-jam melewati rintangan berat akhirnya sampai juga walaupun seluruh pemandangan tertutup kabut kami tetap puas dan mengucap syukur atas apa yang kami capai saat itu.

     Tidak ada kata lain yang dapat aku ucapkan selain Subhanallah. Subhanaallah ciptaan Allah, dan saat itu juga aku semakin bersyukur karena aku sudah menikmati ciptaan Allah yang luar biasa indahnya dan membuat saya kehabsan kata-kata. Saya merasa bahagia dan beruntung bisa menikmati eindahan alam dan sejenak menyatu dengan alam dan lebih menyadari bahwa nikmat Allah tiada batasnya. Alhamdulillah saya bisa mencapai puncak merbabu 3142 MDPL.






My Unforgettable Memory

My Unforgettable Memories


Me, Mrs. Karen, Mr. Jason Trautz, My Daddy

August 2013 was my special month. My father told me to came back in Buton my hometown after finished my administration in UMY. He want I can got together in TAKAWA event because he organized local guide in Sail Indonesia especially in Buton. I cannot sleep well every single night when I heard he asked me became one of the local guide in that event. I prepared myself to learned more detail about all over culture there for 5 days. In the schedule, the sail participants will arrived in Banabungi Harbor on 21 of August 2013 but on 20 of August afternoon one yatch arrived. Although they came not suitable with the schedule, 25 traditional boat, some of the local goverment, society, and local guides welcome the guest. They told Buton Information Center (BIC) Radio that they were very happy and said thanks for all.

      An hour after their coming, they went to the harbor with their mini boat and I got the first turn to guiding and accompany them in the harbor. I’m so nervous when I went from BIC into the harbor. I felt I would died as long I walked. I tried hard to fight my nervous and my father whispering to smile. When I face them we shaked hand directly and introduced theirself and me too. They were a couple Mr.Jason and Mrs.Karen Trautz and they did not have child. They came from Miccigant America. We talked about our personality. After that, we looked around the fair and I explain what did they asked to me. Mrs.Karen bough 5 packs cashew and 2 packs coffee and she gave me 1 pack cashew. They were so humble and funny. They always correct my sentences if I told the wrong sentences. Sometimes I did not understand with their mean, they will used body language or draw it. I remember when I told them that please pardon me because I’m so bad in English especially in grammar but Mr.Jason told me that it’s still in processing so don’t worry about that because English need habits and if you study well it will worked. After shared each other, they returned to their yatch. In the evening we have a welcome dinner until mid night.

      On 21 August, 12 yatch arrived in Banabungi Harbor. Other guides took their turn. Buton welcome them with the traditional dance and gave Leja Saroong as the special gift. Then they have a welcome ceremony. After that, I went to Lakua river with Mr.Jason and Mrs.Karen to tasted some of traditional meal and drink there. We have many activities on that day. On 22 of August we went to TAKAWA to saw takawa dance and it’s as colaboration 2.500 dancers with 5 traditional dances. It’s to reach the World Record and MURI. After that spectacular event, we went to the harbor because the sail participants will took a rest and would have diving schedule in the afternoon. We arrived at BIC and Mr.Jason and Mrs.Karen want I went to their yatch. I’m very happy and I went to their yatch together with them. They show all room in their yatch and Mr.Jason gave short explanation about the function of some tools in his yatch. When I told them that I should back to Yogyakarta they were very sad and told me that it’s true they don’t have a child but they have me as their daughter. We wasted our time around 4 hours in the yatch to have an goodbye party, we took our picture and dance together. At last, they gave me our pictures, chocolate, wallet, cake, and 2 movies. I cannot forgot every single moment with them. They gave me their handphone number and email that we can got communication. Until right now, we still have good communication. It’s really my unforgettable memories because they like my parents.


in the boat