My Unforgettable Memory

My Unforgettable Memories


Me, Mrs. Karen, Mr. Jason Trautz, My Daddy

August 2013 was my special month. My father told me to came back in Buton my hometown after finished my administration in UMY. He want I can got together in TAKAWA event because he organized local guide in Sail Indonesia especially in Buton. I cannot sleep well every single night when I heard he asked me became one of the local guide in that event. I prepared myself to learned more detail about all over culture there for 5 days. In the schedule, the sail participants will arrived in Banabungi Harbor on 21 of August 2013 but on 20 of August afternoon one yatch arrived. Although they came not suitable with the schedule, 25 traditional boat, some of the local goverment, society, and local guides welcome the guest. They told Buton Information Center (BIC) Radio that they were very happy and said thanks for all.

      An hour after their coming, they went to the harbor with their mini boat and I got the first turn to guiding and accompany them in the harbor. I’m so nervous when I went from BIC into the harbor. I felt I would died as long I walked. I tried hard to fight my nervous and my father whispering to smile. When I face them we shaked hand directly and introduced theirself and me too. They were a couple Mr.Jason and Mrs.Karen Trautz and they did not have child. They came from Miccigant America. We talked about our personality. After that, we looked around the fair and I explain what did they asked to me. Mrs.Karen bough 5 packs cashew and 2 packs coffee and she gave me 1 pack cashew. They were so humble and funny. They always correct my sentences if I told the wrong sentences. Sometimes I did not understand with their mean, they will used body language or draw it. I remember when I told them that please pardon me because I’m so bad in English especially in grammar but Mr.Jason told me that it’s still in processing so don’t worry about that because English need habits and if you study well it will worked. After shared each other, they returned to their yatch. In the evening we have a welcome dinner until mid night.

      On 21 August, 12 yatch arrived in Banabungi Harbor. Other guides took their turn. Buton welcome them with the traditional dance and gave Leja Saroong as the special gift. Then they have a welcome ceremony. After that, I went to Lakua river with Mr.Jason and Mrs.Karen to tasted some of traditional meal and drink there. We have many activities on that day. On 22 of August we went to TAKAWA to saw takawa dance and it’s as colaboration 2.500 dancers with 5 traditional dances. It’s to reach the World Record and MURI. After that spectacular event, we went to the harbor because the sail participants will took a rest and would have diving schedule in the afternoon. We arrived at BIC and Mr.Jason and Mrs.Karen want I went to their yatch. I’m very happy and I went to their yatch together with them. They show all room in their yatch and Mr.Jason gave short explanation about the function of some tools in his yatch. When I told them that I should back to Yogyakarta they were very sad and told me that it’s true they don’t have a child but they have me as their daughter. We wasted our time around 4 hours in the yatch to have an goodbye party, we took our picture and dance together. At last, they gave me our pictures, chocolate, wallet, cake, and 2 movies. I cannot forgot every single moment with them. They gave me their handphone number and email that we can got communication. Until right now, we still have good communication. It’s really my unforgettable memories because they like my parents.


in the boat









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