Daily conversation



The Example of daily conversation :

Desi     : Excuse me. Good Morning?

Ghina  : Morning!

Desi     : How are you?

Ghina  : I am fine. How about you?

Mutma: I am very well, thank you! I am Mutma and she is my friend Desi. May we know your  name?

Andini: Yes of course. I am Andini and she is my friend Ghina. May I know where do you come from Miss?

Mutma: Yes, we come from Singapore and we want to waste our holiday in Indonesia especially in Yogyakarta.

Ghina  : Oh great! How are your traveling to Indonesia?

Desi     : Wonderful, and there are not any problem. We fly to Yogyakarta and then we choose Yogyakarta for stay as long our holiday.

Andini: Wow, why do you choose Yogyakarta?

Desi     : Actually, We will go to Buton South East Sulawesi but any contideration, the result is Yogyakarta. We hear that Yogyakarta is very interesting and cultural city. So, why not We stay here.?

Andini: Hmm. Excelent! You know about Yogyakarta. By the way, are you a student?

Mutma  : Yes, we are student in Private University in Singapore and now we have a break for one week after the mid examination. How about YouMiss Andini and Miss Ghina?

Andini  : Great! We are the students in English Education Departement in Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University one of the famous university in Indonesia.

Desi     : Waw, You are so lucky! Umm, You want it?(ineffective some cake)

Ghina  : Oh. . I am sorry, We are fasting because it is Ramadhan month.

Desi     : Sorry, what wrong? What do you mean about fasting? And what is Ramadhan month ?

Ghina    : Right, for the moslem there is one month that have a differencies than all and we call it Ramadhan month. Ramadhan month is the month when we should fasting and doall over a good deeds as our obligation as the moeslim. It is like a special or gold month for us.

Mutma: How long we should have a fasting ?

Andini: Around 14 hours, we should have a fasting. Start pre down meal but we usually call it as sahur and we stop it as like the schedule that we can get from the campus,, mosque in the road or we can get it in internet.

Mutma: That is great you can fasting for 14 hours. How can the moeslem do that?

Ghina  : Actually, it is about the moslem obligation. It is already written in the Al-Quran or the moslem’s holy book. Our God Allah SWT already given the moeslim a great life. So we need to feel like the poor people just for one month. It is make the moeslem learn more about how should we express our gratitude for all over thing that we have.



Mutma: Is there any exception ?

Ghina  : Yes of course, there are some of exception like for the pregnant woman, the painful people, have menstruation, traveler, the crazy people, etc.

Desi     : What are people doing when they waiting for the break fasting time ?

Andini: There are many ways to wait the break fasting time. There are look around the city, visit the public place, meet the friends, do the favorite activities, looking for the break fasting meal, etc. During that time, people call it ngabuburit.

Mutma: How about the break fasting meal ?

Ghina  : It is so various. The most important is the meal should be sweet and nice. Many kind of meal like kolak, date palm, fruit soup, fruit, etc.

Desi     : Hmm, amazing! May you tell me about how are the students classes. It’s same like a normal day?

Andini: No, it does not. Actually it is depend on the degree of the education. Elementary school start at 07.30-12.00, Junior High School, at 07.30, Senior high school at 07.30-13.30, but for the University depend on the rules of each university but in general the class is like a normal days.

Mutma: How is the school regulation about canteen ? is it close in Ramadan ?

Ghina  : It is depend on the school but in general it is open because in a school not over all moslem except the school that special for the moslem like muhammadiyah, etc.

Desi     : Right, is it dangerous for the people healthy ?

Andini: No, it is not. Fasting is very important for the human healthy. It is can decrease some of desease. For example suffer a stomach disorder and diabetes. There are make the flank have a rest and work not too hard and for diabetes it can decrease the glucose in the human body because they do not consume any carbohydrate.

Mutma: I see. How about the response for the non-moslem society ?

Ghina  : Gratitude to Allah that the society in Indonesia is so respect to the moslem. Even in Ramadan month, the society do not eat or drink in front of the moslem.

Desi     : Great ! Thank you very much for your information !

Andini: You are welcome ! Thank you for your enthusiastic want to now more about Ramadan month !

Mutma: Yes, great we can meet with you and want to split up the knowledge. I hope you will visit Singapore later !

Ghina  : We too. Nice to meet you !

Mutma: Nice to meet you, too !

Andini: See you later ! Bye-bye !

M & D: Bye !  




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